"In music as in love, there are many advisers and recipes, but everyone has their own way."
- Leo Vitols
The album "Not An Angel" is my first collaboration with professional singers from the USA and UK.

Each of us is crucial in this project and has given our part of the sound, without which it would never be as good as it is now.
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Crowd Review
What people say about my songs
This is a very sweet and peaceful song - not something I'd likely hear on the radio, but something that would be nice to hear while eating dinner with someone in a restaurant. Also a nice song to share between lovers. I wouldn't change anything about this song, and hearing the quality of the vocals and production would make me hopeful of seeing what other kinds of music this artist could come up with (maybe some faster tunes) to fill out a studio album. - 26, male
Not an Angel
I love the gentle beat and tune of this song. I love the sound of his voice. I find these lyrics to be very relatable and relaxing. This is perfect for listening to with a lover. - 28, male
I like the relaxed piano music that plays throughout this song. I like the percussion instruments that provide a steady beat in this song. I like the singer's voice and the positive, expressive lyrics heard in this song. - 49, male

One More Chance
Really beautiful intro! The singing voice is very pleasant, relaxing, calming, and overall nice to listen to. This song flows along and is really really pretty! The instrumentals are beautiful too. I don't have any dislikes at all. Great song! - 43, female
The Album
"Old Man Song I like it. And Someday is very good: it has Bowie feeling but is still unique. Good song: Don't Call Me Back excellent! too
Grey swan is like taking a ride starts slow them builds up.
The record has a song for everyone and you got a female there too ... I got surprised, I didn't expect that aggressiveness by the middle of the Album." - Astro Li, Musician, NY, USA
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I really like some of my works, but I always hope that my best song is yet to come.
Old Man Song
(c) 2021
Ceļš uz mājām LIVE
(c) 2017

Some words about me

Songwriter from Baltics.
I was born and raised in Riga, Latvia. In early childhood, I learned to play the piano, and as a teenager, I became interested in the guitar. Like many others, I played in a school rock band, where I started composing songs in both Russian and English.
After school, our group visited the then popular Riga Rock club.

The first recording at the studio took place in 1995. I was so encouraged with the result!
From that moment on, the goal appears to record an album, and I meet the legendary Latvian musician Slava Mitrokhin. The result of our collaboration was not only my first album in English "Nature of Mine" (1997), but also some lyrics of Slava's songs. Our songwriting collaboration continues to this day.
My song was first played on the radio SWH in 1997. I was not enough concentrated on my musical career that time and I missed this opportunity to become famous. I spent fifteen years more in studio before I understood my real mission.

In March 2015, the album "Among the Twinkling Stars" was released in a limited edition on CD, as well as on iTunes, Spotify, Yandex Music and other platforms. This album was my first album in Russian. To create the cover of the album, the artist Svetlana Artemova made a painting of the same name. The album was recorded in the studio of the then young, but very talented musician Ilya Kireyev, who became the arranger of all the songs. Together with drummer and percussionist Kamil Makurin, at that time they were already an established duet with several released albums under their belt.
This work showed me how much richer a musical palette can become in the case of a successful collaboration. From that moment on, I began to look for an opportunity to become not only a songwriter, but also a producer.
Then album with nine instrumental tracks "Driving Alone" played and recorded by myself was released on all major platforms.
Last year I started big collaboration project that became a new album "Not an Angel".

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